Thursday, April 10, 2014

Heartbleed Security and Password Change Announcement

In response to the Heartbleed security vulnerability that has affected many popular and widely-used websites, Simmons Technology is asking everyone at Simmons to change their passwords immediately.  

Simmons Technology has updated the security measures on all Simmons websites and fixed any vulnerable sites. Changing your password is the final step in completing this process that will help to keep everyone’s information secure.

To change your password:
  • Log in with your current Simmons username and password
  • Re-enter your password and click Access your preferences
  • Click Change password
  • Enter your existing password, then your new password, and click Change
  • You will then see a confirmation that your password has been changed

If you have any questions about Heartbleed or this request to change your password, please call the Service Desk at 617-521-2222.